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Winter . . Christmas - Chanuka - New Years - Valentines Day

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Fall Compote.jpg
Seasonal Family Centerpiece
Carnations & Ribbons.jpg
Christmas Celebration
Snowman 1.jpg
Valentine's From the Garden With
From the Garden with Love
Xmas Touch of Sparkle.jpg
Touch of Sparkle
Winter Birthday.jpg
Winter Birthday
Be Mine 1.jpg
Be MIne 2.jpg
Be Mine 1
Valentine's Roses & Curly Willow.jpg
Roses With Curly Willow
Valentine's Roses Brandy Snifter.jpg
Roses in Brandy Snifter
Be Mine 2
Holliday Glitz.jpg
Winter Glitz
Christmas Amaryllis Wreath.jpg
Christmas Amaryllis Wreath
Christmas Poinsettia Wreath.jpg
Christmas Poinsettia Wreath
Valentine Flowers For My Honey.jpg
Valentines Flowers for my Honey
Crazy for You.jpg
Forever Always.jpg
Hugs and Kisses.jpg
Crazy for You
Forever Always
Heart with Purple Carnations.jpg
Heart with Purple Carnations
Hearts and Tulips 5 One Half Inch Size.j
Hearts and Tulips 5 1/2 Inch
Mother Daughter Valentines Day 7 and One
Mother/Daughter Valentines Day 4 and 7 1/2 Inch
Heart Box with a Spray Rose Small 4 Inch
Heart Box with Spray Rose 4 Inch
Pink Heart Ceramic Dish.jpg
Pink Heart Ceramic Dish
Small Heart Shaped Box.jpg
Small Heart Shaped Box
Hugs and Kisses
Love is Eternal.jpg
Love is Eternal
Hearts and Tulips Seven and One Half Inc
Hearts and Tulips 7 1/2 Inch
Pink Heart Ceramic Dish Top View.jpg
Pink Heart Ceramic Dish Top View
Heart Shaped Box With a Dozen Roses.jpg
Heart Shaped Box With a Dozen Roses
Box of Love.jpg
Box of Love
Puppy Love.jpg
Puppy Love
My Sweetheart.jpg
My Sweetheart
Vase with Red Satin
Valentines Day Box
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