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          Jennifer Kempton (Sansone)          Wedding at Lake Mohawk Country Club

Our wedding was August 11, 2017 at Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta. When I first started to look for the perfect florist, I was surprised by how many I met that seemed to just want to rush the process and get onto the next customer. When I finally found Karen, I was pleasantly surprised that she took the time to meet with me and go over all of the details extensively. She sincerely cared and wanted to show me all of the possible options that would help create my vision. In the beginning, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted and she sat with me for over an hour to show me many different options. Once I started to formulate my vision, she showed me various flower options that could help make my dreams come true. Throughout the entire process Karen emailed me with updates and asked me questions about things that I didn't even think about. She knew all the necessary steps and details to make my event perfect. She worked with me to create two different types of centerpieces that would complement each other and create a more dynamic look for my wedding reception. We used the colors of the brides maids dresses to complement the flowers to create the bouquets, as well as, making sure my bouquet would stand out from the rest. She created green garland for my arbor for the ceremony, as well as, two pieces for the sides of the arbor that were later transferred inside and placed next to my sweetheart table. She worked with me every step of the way, even when I was unsure of exactly what I wanted. She was always willing to show me options and work with me until I was completely happy. I would definitely recommend Karen as a florist who takes the time to make her customers dreams come true.

-Jennifer (Kempton) Sansone

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